I've used a few different brow kits before, i've used the Sleek one and the Gosh one and was a fan of both. I find the wax always runs out too quickly so I don't want to spend loads of money when I buy brow kits because once the wax is gone I end up replacing it. The Mua one was always sold out so thats why I spent the extra money and bought the Sleek one. 

It comes with a little brush, some cute little tweezers, a wax and 3 shades of powder. There's a mirror on the compact which is very handy and its rather big. 

I started by using the dark shade but now im using a mixture of the dark and medium shade for my brows. The colours are not very pigmented but I didn't really expect the best formula for the price. I apply the wax using the little brush thats included and then use my ecoTOOLS brow brush to apply the powder over the top. I'm impressed with the quality for the money as I think it's very similar to the quality of the Gosh kit and Sleek kit and they were both over double the price of the Mua kit. 

For £3.50 I will repurchase this again, hopefully I am able to get it as I've noticed superdrug is lacking in stock again. 

Have you tried this Brow Kit or is there a kit you would recommend? 

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sammie said...

I use this daily and love it! Perfect and so easy to use :)