Trevor Sorbie Detangle Comb* and Colour Enhancing Mask* - Avaliable from Boots 

I've been trying out this detangling comb recently and thought i'd share it with you guys

I have very dry knotty hair and its very hard to manage. It goes frizzy and means washing my hair is a hassle. I really like the Trevor Sorbie range and was very excited to see if this comb made any difference to my hair.

I've been using it with my normal conditioner and using the comb to ditibute my conditioner evenly and then I leave my conditioner for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Since using the comb I have notice my hair has been less knotty when I come to blowdry my hair. Normally its everywhere and very unmanagable, but it seems combing my hair when it's wet has made it easier to control.

I thought i'd share this colour enhancing conditoner with you too. I love hair treatments and conditioners, I'm obsessed with getting my hair smooth and less frizzy. This treatment is different its a colour enhancing treatment so it makes colour hair look fresh and new and keeps your colour lasting longer. This is perfect for me as I do colour my hair and don't want my colour to look faded. I use this once a week and think its well worth the money, it leaves my hair feeling clean,soft and conditioned.

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Unknown said...

Hi, that advive is great! I also use I great treatment the ARGAN OIL! Not greasy, smells really nice and subtle. I use if after my shower and my hair is completely soft and smooth
until I wash my hair. I can use it before my regular blow dry :)