OUTFIT POST : Taking it easy

Dress : River Islands // Cardigan : Primark // Necklace : Forever 21 

So I was supposed to be going into university today but i've been feeling very stressed and the thought of going into university has been getting me really worked up so I decided not to go in. I had bought a lovely jumpsuit from Primark but it didn't fit me very well so I decided to pop into town to return it. I got it from the Primark in Selfridges so returned it there, I didn't go into the actual primark as I decided that would be dangerous since I have no money and my holiday needs to be paid this week. I only really went into forever 21 as it's one of those shops that they only have here and there so I always like a little peek, I also have them on instagram and I always love the stock they photograph.

I popped on this dress today, it's so easy to wear and is definitely one of my favourites. It's so versatile and goes with everything. This necklace is one of the things I picked up today :)

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