I was very intrigued to know more last week when I received a tweet from TGI FRIDAYS asking if I wanted to hear a secret. Of course I jumped at the chance to know more and I had to share a secret of mine with them so they knew I was trust-worthy. They then shared their brand new handcrafted burger range , they were available from Wednesday 2nd April so you can try them out now. But this wasn't the only thing TGI's wanted to share with me...

They sent me a very secretive letter stating if I went along to TGI Fridays and said the secret words, 'I'll have what Jacks having' I would get the Secret Burger. It was very excitingg!

So I headed on down to TGI's on Sunday to try out the secret burger. I went with my boyfriend as he loves a good burger. We ordered and was very excited as we had no idea of what we had ordered.

The Burgers came !! And we were impressed, It was huge! A glazed brioche bun, a 7oz beef burger and all the trimmings. There was a bbq flavour to the burger and there was jalapenos. It had a texture that reminded me of chilli beef and extra cheese. It was actually amazing, it was something I would never ever order myself. I'm normally a chicken person when I eat out but I was so happy I gave this ago because it was gorgeous and I would definatly order it again.

The burgers was served with fries and my favourite Jack Daniels Glaze mmmm!!

After we treated ourselves to a Oreo Cookie Sundae and that finished it all off beautifully!!

I'd like to thank TGI FRIDAYS for choosing me to try out their secret burger !

*I was given vouchers from TGI FRIDAYS to try their new burger range but all my opinions above are true.

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