My Gym Essentials

I recently joined the gym again as I want to lose a bit of weight and get toned for my holiday. Here's a post about my essentials for the gym. 

Trainers - I got these really cute Nike trainers, they have a mesh material on the side which is great at stopping my feet getting hot. These are training shoes so they are good for the gym. 

Gym Clothes -  I'm not really bothered about what I wear to the gym. I have my Puma bottoms, there like leggings so they are really comfy and are easy to run in. I also bring my swimming costume to the gym as I like to go for a swim after exercising. 

Flannel - I bring my flannel along incase I get abit sweaty, I use it to dab my face and wipe my hands on. 

Towel - Like I said above I like to go for a swim after my work out so I bring my towel along with me.

Water Bottle - I bought this really cute water bottle to bring to the gym. I normally buy bottled water to take with me but decided it would be cheaper to refil the bottle myself. This bottle is from Primark.

Energy Drinks - Sometimes I like to bring an energy drink along instead of water like these ones from because they are full of things like caffine to sustain your endurance. There's loads to choose from and they can allow you to work out for longer and harder.

Iphone and earphones - Theres always music on at the gym but I like to listen to my own music, I also like to check my twitter and facebook whilst i'm on the treadmill or the bike.

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char said...

I always forget to take a mini towel or a flannel with me to spin classes and then end up getting all sweaty and having to wipe my face on my tshirt - it's not a classy look.

Anonymous said...

Great little post! :) Love your blog!

Mon Petit Billet

Laura Anne said...

I've just got new Nike trainers to start working out. I can't wait to wear mine. I love yours xx