Glasses - £3 // Necklace -£3 

Toiletries bag - £4

 Sunglasses £2 or £3 

 Shorts £4

 Bikini - £7

 Sandals - £8

 Skirt - £9 

 Playsuit - £5 

T-Shirt - £5

Had a lovely little spree in Primark the other day, I actually filmed a video for this post but I was having alot of problems uploading it. I went a little bit crazy even though i'm feeling abit skint right now. I've picked up a few bits and pieces for my holiday. They had some really great pieces in like these sunglasses and this gorgeous green printed skirt. 


ThisGirlLovesChic said...

love it all! been obsessed with sunglasses lately !

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Lolakate said...

Primark is amazing at the mo. I tried on that skirt a few weeks back and the sizing was really strange which made me sad as I loved it x

char said...

ha, that tshirt print at the bottom is lovely, just like a dress I used to have and love!