Soap and Glory Best Of All Set

(You also get a 4 in 1 cleanser but this was in my bathroom and I forgot about it ) 

This set retails at £60 but as you all know its this weeks star gift at Boots for £27, The set is worth over £70 because you get vouchers and stuff in it. I think this is such a good price and I know my local boots has LOADS left so get down to your Boots before the deals over. You get some lovely products in this set including the shower gel and the the 4 in 1 cleanser. The mascara alone is worth £10 so £27 for this whole set is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! I've used this mascara before and its lovely and I would recommend it to anyone who wants thick and full lashes. The body scrub smells gorgeous- I haven't used it and will be reviewing all the products once i've used them all properly. The lipgloss is so weird it makes your lips really tingly and its so strange lol I had to wipe it off . I've never really used any of the soap and glory skin products before so I'm really looking forward to trying all these products out and I think its just such a great value for money. 

Buy this now at your local boots store as its sold out online. 

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Unknown said...

Wow.. I love soap & glory stuff. I will be going to my boots tomorrow. Oh sexy mother pucker is such a weird feeling on the lips. It makes your lips feel so big and juicy doesn't it. There is so many beautiful things in this set that I love. Cant believe its £27.

Lovely post thank you

Emine xx