little update

001. so sorry for my recent lack of blogging. I have a deadline on monday and i'm just concentrating on that. after that i presume blogging will increase and i'll be back to blogging every other day. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my outfits and i've been putting some really nice ones together. 002. have some post ideas lined up. lush wishlist; christmas diy ideas, birmingham blog meet up, 003. i'm so excited for christmas; im actually nearly done christmas shopping - i'm actually so proud of myself. I just need to buy dans present he wants a nintendo 64 so i really need to get my skates on if i'm going to get it in time. the days are just going so fast! 004. my christmas giveaway is on for 2 more days, i know its abit early for a christmas giveaway but i want to ensure the winner recieves the prize before christmas so i'm doing it early before the christmas post rush!!

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