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On Saturday I attended the Birmingham Christmas Blogger meet up organised by Hayley.  We met up in Starbucks and just got to know everyone and had some lovely chats about blogging, skincare and more stuff. We then went on to the Francesco Group Birmingham Academy where we were having a treatment and style done thanks to Sunny. I had a lovely time, Sarah did an amazing job of my hair and it was lovely to be pampered and everyone is so kind and I had some really lovely chats. 
I told Sarah how my hairs really dry and she recommended some products I might want to try and told me how conditioning my hair with intense masks would be beneficial and also told me that my nice and easy perfect 10 hair dye is actually really bad for my hair because the fact that it colours the hair so rapidly means its not conditioning the hair and basically just ruining it. She also told me some handy tips for when i'm at home like leaving a conditioner on for as long as possible even like 30 minutes because it will just add the hydration back into my hair, also because I use alot of dry shampoo and products she told me to make sure I shampoo my hair twice. 
I had such a lovely time at the salon - i'm not one for going to the salon but I will be returning to the academy for a cut and colour VERY soon :) 
At the salon Sarah gave my an intense conditioning treatment and washed my hair and then she used the hair dryer to get the wetness out of my hair before applying the curlers. I've never had these big curlers in my hair before so that was very exciting !!! She put the curlers in at an angle this was so that the curls would drop out giving the spiral lose curls. I then went in the hair dryer (old lady goldfish bowl) for a while meanwhile I helped myself to mini muffins and some bubbles ;) 
After this sarah and one of the students removed my curlers and my hair was hugeee ! Sarah said the trick to curls is to make sure the hairs completely dry before you remove the curlers :) 
 She tamed my curls with the GHD's and left my hair looking amazing and curly with loads of volume :) everyones hair looked gorgeous and we were defiantly ready for our meal out in the mailbox :) 
The salon is an academy so this is where the students/ apprentices get their experience so the prices at the academy are lower than a normal Francesco salon but the apprentices are watched all the time and would never do anything they were not fully confident doing. I honestly will return and I would love to know i'm helping an apprentice get more experience. The girls are so genuine and lovely and I didn't feel at all intimidated like I feel sometimes when i'm getting my hair or make up done. 
Thank you to everyone at the Francesco Group :) 

The day all in all was so lovely and i'm really happy I went- it was my first of many more blog events and meet ups and I can't wait for the meet up in January, thank you so much to Hayley and sunny for arranging the day, I met some really lovely bloggers and I can't wait to see everyone again. 

I've linked the Francesco website above- i have a price list if anyone wants to know their prices. 

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appletoothpaste said...

i'll be stealing the tips you got on how to hydrate your hair! this looks like a lot of fun too! x