Bathing Belles

I was introduced to this shop by a friend at university. I was telling her about my blog and how I sometimes get sent products to review and she mentioned her mom owns a shop in Barrow in Cumbria and got me some products to play with. They sell loads of bath products like bath bombs, soaps, hair products and face masks. The website is affordable and if you live near the store you should defiantly pop in and get some of these lovely products. Its a family business and why spend your money in big companies like Lush when you have these little shops selling just as good products.
I've been using these heart bath bombs and love them. I really love bath bombs I think they just add some fun to the bath. They may look small but they turned my bath water pink and I could smell the fragrance in my bath. I've also been using the soaps, They are lovely and I would really recommend this soap sample bag its £2 and allows you to try out the different soaps, and I love to try out the soaps to see what ones I like better this is a good idea if you intend on buying some of the soaps but don't know what ones to try. I think they are good as presents or just a treat for yourself. I love how the Bathing Belles products are less in your face than the Lush products, I think some Lush products are too overpowering, whereas these are more subtle. I just love the products I was sent and I really love the look of the face masks and really want to give these ago :)

Please visit the Bathing Belles Website and look at their other products. I really hope you chose to buy your soaps and bath products from Bathing Belles and give them ago other the big bath companies.


Lolakate said...

these look like a lovely alternative to lush...lush is sooooo expensive!!! x

Unknown said...

These look cute love the hearts.