Review : Sleek Brow Kit
Sleek Brow Kit : Light 817 £8.50 

This is the first thing from Sleek that I've ever tried - It's also the first brow kit I've tried! I picked this up from the clothes show. I like to get my eyebrows threaded and I keep on top of them with the tweezers but i've never been one for using eyebrow pencils or other products. I really wanted to try the HD brows palette but have never got round to buying it. Anyway at the clothes show on friday Gemma told me about this and I bought it because I really wanted to try a brow kit. First of all the packaging !!! I love matte black make up packaging! Read any of my MAC reviews I always mention black matte packaging :) so this was a yay for me. I really love how you get the brushes and the mini tweezers making this an essential in your make up bag. I got my eyebrows done at the Clothes Show - They use the powder and the stencils and I really can't believe how much better they look because I do have really light eyebrows. My eyebrow lady is always trying to make me get them tinted but now I have this kit I really don't think its nessecary. I'll take some pictures of my brows before and after :) 
It lasts all day which is really good because you don't want your eyebrows wearing away. Overall I'm so happy I bought this and Thank you Gemma because your gorgeous brows made me want to do something with mine :) 

If you have a Brow kit and don't know what to do or you might buy this one but think it looks difficult this kit gives you a couple of easy tips and steps. 

1. Use the pigmented wax to define and shape the brow using the angled brush - this just keeps the hairs in place and makes the powder stick easier 
2. Use the blending brush to set the brow with powder
3. Use the tweezers to do any tidying up.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for such a lovely mention hunni, your brows look amazing after you got them done, Ill bet you have fun recreating them with your brow kit xxx