Clinique long last lipstick

Clinique All Heart *
(ignore my cat scratch)

I really like Clinique and recently I posted about the loose powder that I picked up from the counter in boots. Well they sent me a voucher saying if I went in for a free consultation I could get a free Lipstick. So I went straight to boots and handed over the voucher and the lady gave me this :) I think its a very decent size (since it was free) and the colours not too shabby either. I've never used a clinique lippy before but I do like it. Its very easy to apply and has lots of moiture which is necessary at the moment with the cold weather. The colour is a nice dark red colour which is not something i'd usually go for - i'm more neutrals and pinks but this goes on very nice and the colour is not over powering. When its been on for a bit it sinks into the lips and looks very natural. I love the Clinique packaging - I really am a sucker for a bit of simplistic packaging. Its a nice handy lipstick to keep in your bag in the winter months its so easy to apply so you can do it anywhere I really like this lipstick and will have a look into buying some more pieces from the Clinique counter (especially if they keep sending me vouchers ;)) I hear their mascara is very good so I might try that next :) I have lots and lots of boots advantage points so let me know what I should buy :)

Sorry again for my recent lack of posts the works nearly all done so normal posts will resume soon hopefully. My giveaway winner will be announces either today or over the weekend. I'm going to the clothes show tomorrow which I'm so so excited about :) 

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Ellen Grace said...

It looks gorgeous. I want to try it!