Review ; Miss Patisserie Bath Bomb

I picked up this gorgeous bath bomb at the clothes show and also a business card which took me to this gorgeous website. I just picked up the one bath bomb (although I wish I got more since they were abit cheaper at the clothes show) however I will be purchasing from the Miss Patisserie website because my bath bomb was lovely. The bottom bit fell into my bath and was fizzing away like it was supposed to and then I used the top part as a scrub and it was really nice and make my bath glittery. I like bath products because I bath alot more than I shower and I think they are fun. These are reasonably priced and just a lovely present  idea for someone who likes to bake cupcakes or I think they are a really good secret santa idea for Christmas. The boxes are super cute and make them that bit more special. I would really recommend the bath bombs and can't wait to try some other products.  

Miss Patisserie uses fragrances and essential oils and use natural ingredients such dead sea salts and epsom salts which all have amazing benefits on the body.
All of their products are handmade so the quality control is of the highest standard. Mixing, pressing, icing, decorating and packaging is all done by Miss Patisserie chefs to make the most delicious smelling bath products.

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