Glamglow Mud Mask* BUY HERE AT SPACE.NK

I've seen this product so many times and love the packaging but at a whopping £50 for a 50ml tub its one of those products I would have to dream about owning but I was lucky enough to get sent a little sample so heres what I thought. 
It's actually really weird because it actually feels expensive - I could feel it tingling on my skin and it starts to get hard and tight straight away. It left my face feeling really soft and clean but the sample is abit small to have any long term noticeable difference to my skin. 
I think this is a very good product but for £50 its not for me - I would much rather find a more affordable mud mask; but for anyone who would spend £50 on a mud mask I would defiantly reccomend this because its such a lovely luxury product which I wish I could own but I would rather buy a new handbag or dress than a very expensive mud mask. 

have you used Glamglow what do you think - is it overpriced or is it just me? 


Heidi-likes said...

£50, blimey that is pricey! At least it felt expensive ;) not sure I'd splurge that much on a product though. Hope you had a great Christmas! X

Lucas deep said...

It is good for face health and oily face.