REVIEW; NEOM Luxury Organics- Happiness 3 Wick Candle

Neom Luxury Organics- Happiness 3 Wick Candle *
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I was sent out this Neom Candle which I've been so excited about trying. I actually lit it last night and was sitting doing a spot of blogging and honestly it made me feel so relaxed. It smells gorgeous. It's a mix of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon and it's just so lovely and sweet. Scented Candles instantly make me feel Christmasy and I love Christmas :) The candle is huge and weighs 380g which is CRAZY heavy but it adds that luxurious feel to the candle. The three wicks are designed so that the candle burns evenly which is really clever because this should make the candle last longer. 
The candle is made of 100% vegetable wax and pure aromatherapy oils unlike normal paraffin wax candles, this is to make the candle burn cleaner and evenly. The smell is gorgeous and its a very spa-like smell. I can really see myself with my face mask on and my Neom Happiness Candle burning in the background whilst I relax. 

I love this Candle and I can't wait to add some more and maybe even start a collection - I know a few of these are going to be on my christmas list (Maybe even the Christmas 3 Wick Candle.) 

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Unknown said...

I love burning candles this time of year.. I really want to buy one these and try it. Your room looks lovely x x