Batiste Dry Shampoo - WILD

Dry Shampoo : Boots and superdrug £2.99 for 200ml 

Dry shampoo is a product that I totally rely on. I never ever let myself run out of it, I have little mini cans that I carry around in my bag or to use in emergencies if I accidentally let my self run out. 
I usually use the blush one because I like the smell, I tried the tropical one and really didn't like the smell because it smells like malibu and was making me feel sick. But the Wild one smells really nice. I'm quite surprised that this is the first time i've tried the wild' version but I will be buying this one again. I normally buy the big cans but they didn't have any in boots so I picked up the smaller version. 
Dry shampoo does last me a while and I like to use it between washes to freshen up my hair. My hair gets greasy every other day between the days that I wash my hair which is also every other day. 
I don't like to use dry Shampoo if my hair is really greasy but I do if I have to, if for example i'm late for uni or work. Dry Shampoo works well even if your styling your hair, if i straighten my hair I like to use it after i've straightened my hair because it does come off onto my GHDs which I don't like but if I curl my hair I use the dry shampoo and try and brush out as much as I can before using my curlers. 
I think dry shampoo is well worth the money and its such a good efficient idea for people when your in a hurry. I love using it on days when i'm late and need to shove my hair up it just freshens it and makes it look clean. 

Do you love dry shampoo? Have you tried any other brands? 

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Laura said...

I love it. I have tried others but nothing compares.

Laura xo