tuesday topshop wishlist

Sorry for the lack of blogging - i've been working and got loads of uni work to do :( I feel really bad because my blog was doing so well and I was being really goood and posting loads and now i havent posted properly for a couple of weeks :(

I've popped into Topshop and I'm loving the autumn/ winter range! I love jumpers and dresses and that dark red/Burgundy colour! Theres quite a few things I want to buy so I might make a list and make sure I stick to it! I spent quite abit in Topshop not that long ago and spent about £100 but I think i'm in need of another spree :)

I've noticed that everything i've been wearing recently is from Topshop and its where I buy the majority of my clothes- has anyone else noticed this when doing outfit posts etc.

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Unknown said...

I can't go into Topshop at the moment because in my head I am spending too much in there lol had my eye on the jumper for a while but might treat myself for my birthday :)

I do that as well when I stop and think about it my outfits are majority Topshop lol.