PYT's 150 follower's Christmas Giveaway

I've reached 150 followers and decided I really want to do a giveaway. Theres a shop in Coventry called Muse and its a little jewellery shop that sells such adorable pieces and they have great prices. I always pick a few bits up when i'm in there but this week they had all of these amazing pieces and I decided to buy some bits for a giveaway. I bought these prizes with my own money and this is not a sponsored giveaway. Theres 6 pieces up for grabs so i'm splitting the prizes into two lots so two people will win 3 pieces.

Prize one - * Gold cross bracelet *  Spike Necklace * Gold cross earings 
Prize two- * Silver cross bracelet * Glasses and moustache necklace * Skull bracelet. 

To enter use the rafflecopter form below and leave an email or twitter name in the comments so I can contact you.
This is my first giveaway so I really hope this goes well and I hope you like the prizes - Let me know so I can pick up a few more bits and there could be another giveaway on the way ;)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Giveaway!
Angela Osborne


Anonymous said...

That skull bracelet is gorgeous Congrats on reaching 150! :) xx

Kate x

Unknown said...

Really enjoying this giveaway! Love the Skull bracelet :)

char said...

I'd love to enter -

Patrícia André said...

Patricia Andre

Anonymous said...

Awh, I love the jewellery! The skull bracelet and spike necklace are lovely..I'd love to enter @slutdr0pqu33n

Fiona said...

New follower, lovely giveaway!

Name: Fiona Naughton
Twitter: @Trixiebellexx

Vaso said...


annalise said...

Congrats :)
Loving the skull bracelet!

Name: Annalise Grech
Twitter: @AnnaliseGrech

Anastasia Soldatos said...

Congrats on the followers :)

Anastasia Soldatos


Islay said...

everything is so preeeetty!
twitter: islaay_x

Floral Danielle said...

Lovely giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

Great giveaway! would love to win prize 1.
GFC:sophie pocock

Anonymous said...

great giveaway lovely!
GFC/Twitter: rebeccalouiseee

Unknown said...

This is such a good giveaway! :)

GFC: Amiieelicious
Twitter @itsamiieeism


Aylin Leto said...

name: Alena
twitter: @AylinLeto

Kelly said...

I would love to win!

Name: Kelly
Twitter: @KellyAnnNYC
Sparkles and Shoes

Vicki said...


TheJulyRose said...

oooo what a unique giveaway! I would love to enter please :)

Amy xx

Amy Cavill said...

love the giveaway!

Laura said...

One of the best giveaways I've seen. I'd love all of it!

whatlauradidxo - Twitter - Email - Blog

Laura xo

jessabelle said...

Beautiful jewellery ;__;

Jessica Deacon

lovely giveaway, fingers crossed!
<a href=">Jessica</a> xoxo

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a said...