Snow Fairy & Grease Lightning

Here's a couple of products I picked up in Lush last week, I really have a soft spot for Lush. I spend far too much money in there but all of their products are so cute that it's really hard to leave without buying something. So I picked up this spot treatment that i've used a couple of times- It prevents spots which I think it has done :) I've recently fell in love with Costa Mint Hot Chocolate which has been causing the spots to pop up but this has been doing a good job :) I have really bad dry/combination skin so have to be careful with the products I use on my skin because sometimes products can trigger outbreaks.
I bought snow fairy because the man told me too - you know what they are like in Lush they basically hand you things and you just put it in your basket :) I don't really use shower gel because I have baths more than showers but I do have showers when i'm in a hurry anyway this was like £3 so I got it. It smells like candyfloss or sweets which I love :) and it makes you glittery.

What would you recommend from Lush have you bought anything recently?

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allthingsprincess said...


I adore lush, but i to know that feeling where things are just put on you, they must make lots of ££££ this way ha ha..they do have lots of fab products tho i love the little xmas snowman melt.

clair xx