zara vs missguided

I love finding finds like this bag from Missguided which is SO SIMILAR to the zara bucket bag! I do love the Zara one but I think £40 is abit overpriced! I know the Zara one is probably a better quality but the Missguided version is a really cute dupe and its a lighter colour - I actually think the Zara bag it abit too TAN/ORANGE for me personally. 

What do you think ? I've also seen amazing versions on ebay if you wanna buy a more identical version. 


annalise said...

I love these kind of posts! I actually did a designer vs deal post on my blog a while ago :)

Erica said...

I normal prefer going for the more inexpensive, but the colour on the Zara bag is so much more vibrant!
Great find!
Erica xo