Sunday Update ; 21 October 2012

jeans, jumper and shirt ; topshop 

Hello, hope everyones having a nice week :) Its felt really 'autumny' this week. I've just been at Uni this week and spending time with Daniel and been working over the weekend! 
Haven't done much today its been dans day off so spent abit of time with him last night and today :) home now and having a bath doing a spot of blogging and bed !

I have university this week as well as some extra shifts at work because of the kids half term- because of where I work we expect to be busy for the next two weeks because solihull is a different education board than Birmingham schools and they have a different week off - thus meaning Amy has more shifts over the next two weeks even though i'm still at uni. 
Oh well! it means a few more pennies in my pocket :) which will be handy since me and daniel have been together 6 years, the end of november so the extra money will go to W13 which is the wrestling game he wants and were going for a curry:) 

I plan to see paranormal activity 4 either this week or next - has anyone been to see it? I've heard mixed reviews ?

A few blog ideas are being compiled in the notes of my phone because I hate forgetting good blog post ideas so hopefully some of those will come to light this week ; I'm thinking totum styler review - maybe a DIY post if my studs ever arrive from hong kong - a post about my new boots? 

I need to stop spending moneyyy! I feel when i'm at uni I spend loads of food and Starbucks I need help - I have an addiction to spending helpppp ! 

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