REVIEW; Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

RRP: £3.99

Following on from last nights #bbloggers chat on twitter I think this is a great drug store buy! My all time favourite skin care product would be Estee Lauder Skin Illuminator but we all know the heafty price tag of that and I just can't spend that about of money. This is a product I haven't really heard much about! I've seen the new nivea advert which mensions this but in the blog world I haven't heard much. 

First of all its the usual Nivea style packaging, it comes in a cardboard box and is this shape container. It's glass which is rather nice but abit heavy if you were carrying it around. The actual product is very soft and velvety. It's white/translucent. You literally use the smallest amount because a little goes such a long long way! The thing I love most about this is because it's by Nivea it's actually like a moisturiser and a primer in one product! It's so hydrating and moistures the skin locking that in and then primes the skin ready for you to apply your make up. I could see a difference in using this. I used my Lush toner water and then applied this, I waited for this to dry into the skin before applying my foundation- I then had a 5 hour shift at work (I work at pizza hut, it was a friday night! I get very hot running about waiting tables ) and my make up looked as perfect as when I applied it when I got home. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and its such a nice product. You use such a little amount that it doesn't even look like i've used any. 

Also for £3.99 you really cannot fault it ! 

As I said I haven't really read many reviews on this or bloggers rave on about it so let me know what you think ?


Lucie-louise. said...

Do you know what skin type this is aimed for? I have really sensitive skin & I really want to try this! lovely post babe. xxxx

amypyt said...

Lucie its aimed at normal/combination skin