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H&M £7.99

So.. i've seen quite a few tartan scarfs reappear this autumn//winter which i'm happy about because last year I bought myself a cheapish green//purple//blue one off ebay but it was small and short and I wasnt overall impressed but this year I decided to be bold and go for the red one! I'm really not a fan of red - like bright red because it makes my face look red; like I don't know if its just a reflection but I just feel red-er. But I really fell in love with this scarf in h&m; i've seen so many bloggers raving about it and was so gutted when I went to h&m on monday and they didn't have it ! I looked in a different store today and they had LOADS so I quickly picked it up and ran to the till - ignoring dan reminding me of my spending ban (I then went on to buy a dress from topshop; expect an outfit post soon! and we went to the cinema and watched paranormal activity.) The quality is so nice - it's really fluffy and soft and its thick! I love how big it is too - I like to feel like my scarf is actually doing something and this does keep you toasty! I loveeeee it and I can see loads of people buying this scarf this winter so you should go and pick one up soon!


char said...

Ooh, it's lovely. My sister had a tartan scarf like this when we were younger, I must ask her if it's still about somewhere..

Islay said...

I have this and I think I've worn it like every day for the past week or so! ;) xxx

Unknown said...

oo I've been wanting a tartan scarf for a while now, I will have to pop into h&m :) x