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We are going on holiday to Great Yarmouth next month so we've started to plan our trip as we have a long car journey ahead of us. The drive would usually take about 3 and a half hours according to google maps but we have two little ones coming with us, both under 1 so we will need to stop a few times for feeds and nappy changes.

When we are going on a road trip we usually bring lots of drinks and snacks with us so we just have to stop if we need the toilet. We don't really tend to buy food at service stations as it can be quite expensive and sometimes especially during the holidays it can be really busy. We will be bringing some food and drink along with us but as we will be stopping anyway we might get some hot food at the service station, I can imagine we will need a nice hot cuppa as it's going to be a long drive.

We are going to be going in three cars, we have two babies and 6 adults that are going so although we could fit in two cars it might be abit of a squeeze and we are going to have loads of stuff from travel cots, sterilizers, milk, bottles, clothes and much more so it's just easier to have the extra car. I think my sister is getting a roof box which will help as we only have a little car.

We have just had our car serviced and had an MOT done. We usually get the car serviced before going on a long journey just to make sure that everything is ok with the car. This is such an important thing to do and it can save you a lot of money. We had the car serviced at Kwik Fit before we went away to Wales before and ended up needing a couple of new tyres. Had a tyre burst on the motorway we could have been in an accident or needed to call a breakdown truck. We might have had to pay out for a recovery truck if we couldn't sort the car ourselves. Even though we have breakdown cover you would still need to pay for parts if something needed to be repaired and you might find that a breakdown company may charge you more than if you'd just got your car repaired before you went away. I really don't fancy something breaking on the car whilst we are driving to Great Yarmouth (especially with Amelia in the car) which is why we have just had car serviced and we did need a couple of things doing so at least we know that the car should be fine for the long journey.

If you don't plan on getting your car serviced I would make sure you do thorough checks on your vehicle making sure you have plenty of Oil, water, and deicer/screenwash.

It's good to have an idea of your route and of an alternative route incase of an accident or traffic. I like to plan which route we are going to take. By planning your route you can choose the fastest route so you and this can save you time and money in fuel. I usually just use Google Maps or the Sat Nav to work out the route. This time we are actually going away with my parents and my sister so we will probably just follow them.

Other things to think about for a long journey, especially with a baby are a first aid kit- (pack pain killers), plenty of drinks (should you get stuck in traffic) Travel sickness tablets, nappy bag with milk and bottles should be in the car not the boot (incase you get stuck in traffic or can't get out of the car to get to the boot). We have a few baby CD's that will calm Amelia should she get distressed in the car.

I'm not really looking forward to the long drive but I can't wait for our first little holiday as a family.


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