Can you believe it's nearly been a year since Clint and myself got our own place. I thought i'd put together a few tips and tricks to saving some money when you live by yourself. 

Organisation - 
This may seem like common sense but just planning what you are going to spend your money on will save you money in the long term. There's lot of bills and dates to remember when you have your own place so writing a list of your bills and when they come out of your account can make things easier. We have a joint account and our bills come out of this account which I find works best, we both transfer money in when we get paid to cover the bills. 

Saving - 
Get loyalty cards etc, our Tesco clubcard saves us so much money, we tend to do most of our shopping at tesco and Clint occasionally gets fuel from there so our points add up and we get vouchers in the post, a few weeks ago we got £8 off our shopping and last week they sent out vouchers that give you £3/£4 off for the next 6 weeks if you spend over £30 so we can make great savings on our general food shop. 
I also have a boots card which I have over £25 worth of points to spend, I sometimes use this when money is a little tight and I need essentials or need to get my eyebrows done etc.Also use apps like Vouchercloud and Vouchercodes to find the vouchers, if your shopping or going out for food etc theres tons of vouchers which can save you money! Check out moneysupermarket too for great tips for saving money using vouchers. 

Gratisfaction UK  is also a really good website to use. They have a huge selection of freebies which you can easily sign up for. You can get loads from samples of beauty and skincare products or free tickets to events, they update the site all the time so there's always new things to put your name down for. They also have a voucher codes section so you can check these out and save money when your shopping. There's no need to sign up and anyone can check them out to get loads of free stuff!  
Follow them on twitter too and keep updated with the latest offers and freebies!  

Meal planning is a really good way to save money. If your always throwing food out then your basically throwing money away. Sit down for a few hours and plan your week. Now i'm doing slimming world I find I do this anyway but it's great to get an idea of what you need to buy when your shopping , write a list so you don't pick up things you don't need just because they are on offer for a pound! This way you reduce the amount of food you throw away and have more time to chill because you can prep and already know what your eating so no need to spend ages deciding what to have. Do you have any tips for saving money? What else works when your trying to save those pennies?

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