Last week I headed along to the Lush in Solihull as they kindly invited me for a tour of their shop, I was looking forward to checking out the new Halloween and Christmas stuff.

I was lucky enough to go to a bloggers event at the LUSH in Coventry last week too so if you wanna check that out the post is here

Solihull Lush is my local store, it's quite a little store but they have SO MUCH stuff! They have the most amazing staff, the service is amazing every single time I go in and they are all so friendly and always let me take photos for my blog.

I was so excited to check out the latest collection, We started by looking at the whole Halloween range, My favourite is Autumn Leaves bath bomb, it was so impressive and such a pretty bath bomb. I have the Lord Of Misrule shower gel to try which i'm really excited about! I also have the Goth Fairy shimmer bar to try! I really want to pop in and pick up a few more Halloween bits before they are all gone. The Sparkly Pumpkin bath bomb looks so pretty!!

Next up we checked out the Christmas range. Christmas is probably my favourite time of year and my Lush favourites come out at Christmas so I was really excited to check everything out.
I love Golden Wonder bath bomb which has returned this year and so has Rose Jam Shower Gel which smells amazing!!

I got to pick out a few bath bombs that we popped into the bowls so I could see the prettiness!
We tried out Autumn Leaves which is very impressive! I love it! Never mind the ballistics is another one that we tried out. This is different as it has a fizzy bit and a bath melt so it's really moisturising aswell. We tried out mistletoe which is so pretty! I love it, I actually used it in my bath the other night and it smells really good! I think I may pick up another one next time I pop in.

Aswell as trying out the bathbombs we checked out the new soaps and shower gels which all smell amazing. The Shooting stars soap is my favourite, it smells so good, it has a sherbert scent ! Snow Fairy is back! This is like the most popular christmas scent, this year they have brought out Snow Fairy body conditioner which is a more subtle snow fairy scent, I am really excited to give this a try. I have Rose Jam shower gel again, it's one of my favourites! This year all of the christmas shower gels are Self Preserving so they don't have Synthetic Preservatives, you can read all about Self Preserving here

The Christmas Gift section in the Solihull store is very impressive as you can see from my photos they have LOADS! I love the gifts and think they really have something for everyone. You can always ask for help if you buying a gift for someone else. Not everyone is a fan of bath bombs and they have some really good shower gift sets. The gifts are all wrapped so theres no need to waste paper on wrapping them, the patterns are always really nice and good quality. Some of the gifts this year actually have games inside which is fun, perfect for kids!

Thanks to the Solihull shop for inviting me into store and showing me all the latest goodies.

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