Bags; no woman only ever has one. Whether it’s a closet full of designer handbags, a collection of clutches or a few trusty backpacks, we all have a favourite and your choice of hold-all can say a lot about you!

The Designer number

When Carrie Bradshaw said “I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet” this girl really related. Some people like to splash out on cars, others like to treat themselves to expensive holidays but she prefers to spend her hard earned cash on designer handbags. And why not? They’re investments, never go out of style and she can enjoy it every single day.

The Clutch

Chances are she is a bit of a night owl; sophisticated, cool and knows that all a girl really needs in life is a debit card, her keys and a fierce lipstick.

The Tote

Her bag is a treasure chest that could put Mary Poppins to shame. Phone charger? Check. Full makeup bag? Check. A whole load of receipts scrunched up at the bottom of the tote? Guilty as charged. She’s most likely to be in charge of making the plans in your friendship group, and point-blank refuses to leave the house unprepared - and she has the arm muscles to prove it. Though you often skit her for lugging so much around, you’re always happy the first to borrow her eyeliner and lippy on a night out!

The Backpack

This girl is trendy, and mysterious. She is forever at festivals or jetting across the world - all of which you follow, jealously, via her instagram.

The Briefcase

Contrary to popular belief, briefcases aren’t reserved exclusively for lawyers and the cast of Mad Men! This girl is cool, quirky and a sucker for anything vintage.

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