I was kindly invited along to the LUSH Coventry blogger event to have a look at the NEW Christmas goodies they have in store. I've been to LUSH COVENTRY events before, check out my haul from a couple of years ago here LUSH HAUL

We started off the evening by talking about the latest skincare. Buche De Noel is back! I've used this before, it's a lovely cleanser. It's really gentle but exfoliates the skin. It contains satsuma and cranberry so it's really christmassy!

There's new body conditioners to get excited about! It's all about Snow Fairy and Christingle! Snow Fairy is probably the most popular Christmas scent from Lush and the Body Conditioner is amazing! I find the Snow Fairy shower gel a little over powering, however I really like the body conditioner as the scent is more subtle.

Shower Gels! Since having our own place i've found I have more showers than baths so I tried a few shower gels last year! I really like them, last years favourites were Twilight and Rose Jam. Rose Jam is back this year which is amazing! A new addition is Bubble which is an amazing orange / citrus scent! There's lots of amazing shower products aswell as the shower gels this year. The shower jellies are back and there's some amazing shower roulade's in the collection this year. The Yog Nog scent has made a comeback in the Yog Log Roulade and the candy cane roulade smells incredible. The roulades are really soft and moisturizing!

Soaps! The soaps are very impressive this year. My favourite is shooting stars which has lime and Bergamont scent, it smells lovely. It has a Sherbert scent which is lovely. Santa's postbox is a lovely Christmassy Citrusy scent. Reindeer rock is back! It's a different colour and smells like the twilight scent from last year.

The bath bombs and bubble bars are amazing! The range is huge! My new favourites are Mistletoe bath bomb and shoot for the stars. There's lots of lovely bubble bars as well, the Christmas penguin is back and The magic of Christmas is back with it's christmassy scent. Some of the new bubble bars include Jester with its tangerine and mandarin scent and Santasaurus which smells like all things Christmas.

As usual they have their amazing Christmas gift sets in which are full of Christmas goodies. There's a gift for everyone as they vary in size and price!

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