I have been using Kiehls skincare for a while now and recently realised that alot of my favorite skincare products are Kiehls so I thought i'd share my Kiehls skincare routine. 

The First Kiehls product I ever tried was the Ultra Facial Cream *which is an everyday moisturiser. I recently found out that I have dry skin, after thinking I had oily/combination skin for years. This is perfect for hydrating the skin, It's a 24H daily facial cream and it helps your skin feel hydrated for longer. 

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate* is now an everyday staple in my routine. I use it every single night before I go to bed. Again after finding out my skin was actually dry I knew I needed to incorperate a serum into my routine. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate gets rave reviews and has won lots of awards. It restores skin and helps recover radiance by morning and replenishes skin with moisture. 

The Super-Multi Corrective eye-opening serum* is a new addition to my routine. This is a really lovely lightweight eye cream which helps lift, firm smooth and restore the eye area. 

I have been using the Centella Skin calming facial cleanser for ages now! I still love my Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I reach for this all the time. It's so gentle so it's great for my skin but it cleanses away make up really easily. I Struggle with allergies sometimes and have found this works really well at calming my skin down. 

The Pineapple and Papaya facial scrub * is lovely, it's a really nice gentle exfoliator which removed dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling soft and cleansed. The grains are so fine and natural that it's not harsh at all and so gentle but effective. I use this once or twice a week and use the Centella cleanser or my Liz Earle cleanse and polish in between.  

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your must have Kiehls products? 

* this blog post contains pr samples. the review is honest and my own opinions. I have not been paid for this feature.

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