REVIEW : Maybelline Baby Lips

Cherry me // Intense care // Mint Fresh // Hydrate - £2.99 from Boots

I had to jump on the Baby lips bandwagon. I had intended to stay well well away but then I spotted them in boots and daniel offered to buy me some so I got all the ones they had. I still want the other two and may have to get them online. 

First of all if your store doesn't appear to stock the Baby lips then ask someone. Maybelline don't have any official shelving or fixtures for the babylips so some stores are keeping them locked in drawers, my store had them hanging from those plastic things around the maybelline section and i've seen stores having them on random tables. This is the same situation in boots and superdrug. 

Cherry me is a tinted balm and i'm sure a couple of the others are but out of the ones I bought Cherry me is the only one. It's not over-powering cherry which is good because i'm not massive fan of cherry. It's super subtle and so moisturising which is lovely.

Hydrate and intense care are pretty similar but are both equally nice and Mint fresh is similar but with a minty smell. 

The baby lips are a blogger hype but worth it for £2.99 these are amazing little balms to pop in your bag for that added moisture. I love getting these out because they look amazing and so cool. I've had many people ask what they are and when they can buy them. For £2.99 get some now before they disappear! 

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