REVIEW: Crown and Glory

 I was so lucky that I won this AMAZING prize at the #VintSetFest. It's this lovely bag full of Crown and Glory goodies!

I just wanted to show you guys the amazing products that Crown and Glory stock and thought doing a blog post about my prize would be a perfect way

The floral crown is great quality and I would definitely consider buying other colours. Theres so many colours to choose from and different sizes. Prices range about £15-£20 which is so cheap compared to Rock n Rose who make very similar products.

I love the little floral headband / crown!  I love the ribbons at the back and think the pastel colours are lovely!

The butterflies are so pretty, I don't think they are something I would buy but I have pinned them up by my dressing table and they look fab!!

And finally the gorgeous glitter bows! I think these look great when you just pin up little bits of hair or just to add that bit of colour. They are a really good quality and look so cute in my hair.

If you like any of the products above check out and have a look at their amazing products !

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wand_included said...

All of this is gorgeous! Can't believe you won it minutes after spotting the bag!