Let's Do London

 Here's a few things to do in London! I absolutely love going to London, I been loads and can't wait to go again soon. I always visit some of the touristy areas when I visit. Here's when I went to see the London Eye! If you visit the London eye your actually right by the River Thames, Big Ben and The houses of Parliament. It's always SOO busy around this bit of London, I've never been on the London Eye but I want to do that next time I go to London

I've also visited Buckingham Palace, i've been to London loads and never went there. I love seeing it in sporting events and whilst things are happening with the Royals. I'd have love to have been there when Will and Kate had the baby!

Oxford Street - I'm not a massive fan of Oxford Street because it's TOO BIG! The shops are massive and theres too many people but it's great if your looking for something in particular. I sometimes find that living in Birmingham I miss out on brands or products if our stores don't stock items but you will usually find everything you need in London. They have massive department stores like Debenhams, Selfridges and House of Fraser but they are 429323432 Times bigger than the ones in Birmingham.

I've never been to the West End so I've asked Daniel if we can do this for our anniversary this year. Do a night in a London hotel like the Saint Georges Hotel which is very Central and i'd love to go to a show!  I've heard loads of people rave on about the West End Shows! What would you recommend?  Theres loads of places to stay, eat and drink in London so it's a great place to Visit because theres always so much to do! 

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Not Your Average said...

Lion King is amazing in London! Ive seen Mary Poppins too which is good but I dont think its on anymore. Stomp is meant to be good too!!


Rachel said...

I love London! I love having little shopping trips for the day, there's always something on! I'd defo go see a west end show, I'm looking into going to see Wicked in September! xo


ThisGirlLovesChic said...

looks like you had a fab time girl!

This Girl Loves Chic .