REVIEW : Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless

 Flawless - - £25.75*

I was so excited to try this out! I found out about it at the #VintSetFest blogger meet in Birmingham. Macadamia Oil were there and had loads of fabulous full size products! I was kindly sent this to review so here's what I think.

First of all this product is a cleanser for you hair ! Yes that right a cleanser. When I heard about this product I have to say I was very intrigued. A cleanser for you face is the norm but for your hair.. I've never heard of one.

Flawless will cleanse, condition, refine and perfect your hair so after using this your hair is clean and conditioned.

You emulsify the product in your hands. You only need abit so 1 or 2 pumps depending on how much hair you have, I use two pumps. You apply the product to your hair like you would a mask so making sure you get it all over your hair and leave for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

What the product does is pulls the dirt out of your hair when you rinse it so you want to concentrate on areas where you use alot of hair products or the roots where you need to clean regularly.

I've been using this along side another shampoo and conditioner because I don't want to use it all up and my hair feels really clean after using this product. It smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft. All the Macadamia oil products have macadamia oil in so you know your hair is going to feel soft and conditioned.

I really love this product, I like how its a foam- like product, It's quite sticky but thats so it stays on the hair. Its in a can so you can't see how much product you have left which I don't really like however the can makes it easy to come out. The other flaw with Flawless is the price it's £25! Ouch thats alot of money! However its a great product and you get 250ml for the price. Macadamia oil don't do a smaller size but then if you compare it to other brands i've featured like the Bumble and bumble shampoo and conditioner they are £18-£20 each where as with this you only need the one can to clean and condition.

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