REVIEW: Lancome Gloss In Love

I was so happy when this popped through my letter box, I immediately put it on (i was in my pj's still) and was in love!

I had already had a little play with this at the Lancome counter and knew they were great. First of all doesn't it look amazing. This isn't no ordinary lipgloss, this is posh ! The packaging is all silver/chrome and shiny so it looks expensive. The lid clicks on which I think is a nice touch and the packaging just feels really nice.

The product is a pink gloss, its not really pink its rather neutral and theres glitter and shimmer but its not overpowering. You can't actually feel any texture if like me your not a fan of over glittery lips.

The product is nice a shiny and isn't sticky at all! It's overall a really nice lipgloss and its very versatile so can be used for day or night. I've even used this on top of a lipstick for that added shine so it's worth the money.

Lancome is a brand that I used to associate with old ladies but not since they launched this amazing colour range !

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