USA PRO Body Bands & USA PRO Resistance Bands*

I recently joined the gym and really got into it! I was concentrating on trying to tone up so I was going on the tredmills and rowing machine but also concentrating on using the other equipment like weights. These products from USA PRO are great for people who don't want to sign up to the gym or even want to continue working out from home. The body bands and resistance rope are great for working on the upper body. 

Get the resistance rope here - It's great for working on that upper body strength. I found it really easy to use and it was really stretchy for those who want to push themselves that bit extra but its also great for taller people because you can stretch it further. I like that its got the big handles making it really easy to hold. The handles are also really comfy so your hands don't hurt during your workout! The resistance rope is on sale now and is only £7.49

The Body Bands are on sale for £5.99 - They are also great for toning. You can use them in different ways so you can use them to tone the upper body or you can use the body bands in other ways,  you can easily google different ways to tone using body bands for loads of really good ideas. In the box you get 3 different colour bands and they are different weights so you get a light, medium and heavy band.
I really enjoyed using the body bands and felt my arms ache showing that I was toning my arm muscle . 

Both of these products are lightweight and easy to pack so if you wanted to bring them along to the park or to exercise on your way to work or even if you want to work out whilst your holiday. They are so lightweight and space saving that you could easily pack them away without worrying about the weight! 

Get yours now whilst they are on sale and with this lovely weather were having get out in the garden instead of being cooped up in the gym and save yourself some money ! 

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