REVIEW : Affinitas intimates hipster pack

I was kindly sent these undies from Affinitas Intimates. It's a pack of 3 and they are such lovely little panties. I think they are a really nice quality and just lovely little comfy pants.

I really like the little box they come in and think they would make a good present for someone close to you or to yourself. Or even for a guy to buy for his girlfriend etc.

The colours are not colours I would buy normally. I tent to stick to black, white, pinks and greys but these are nice vibrant summery colours. I brought these along to Turkey with me and they were nice and comfy even though it was so hot, they are nice and light.

I don't like that they come in one size because they wont fit everyone and I would have liked to have picked my size because I would normally size up because I like my underwear to be comfortable however these fitted nice and were really comfortable.

I have tried underwear from Affinitas Intimates before which I reviewed here and I have been really happy with the products I have tried out!

You can buy these cute packs in other colours too so if you want different colours that suit you better :)


Unknown said...

These look so cute :) The one size thing would maybe put me off though :/

Brigitte Honeybee said...

They look really comfy and pretty, but what if someones really small or really big o_O seems a bit strange to have that sizing.

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