On saturday Gemma and myself made our way to Dirty Martini in London for the LDNBloggers party.
It was a networking event to meet other bloggers and to talk to some brands and drink some cocktails.

Oriflame are an amazing brand and they were at the event. It was great to talk to Susie and Joanne and to learn more about the brand and to make that contact.

 I've not heard of cloud 9 haircare before so it was great to hear more about this brand  :)

I met Islay  ! yay  


Floral Danielle said...

Aww this looks like such a fun event! :)
I was really sad I couldn't make it!


Scarlett London said...

Thanks so much for coming! Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat to you as much as I'd have liked (it was so busy!) but hopefully we can catch up at the next event! Am loving reading about your Lush event too! You have an amazing blog :)

Scarlett x