Lush Birmingham #bblogger event

 Last friday night I was invited along to Lush Birminghams first blogger event! I was really excited and the event was great! First of all we had a little ice-breaker to get to know each other a little better and we learnt abit about The warehouse cafe who supplied the food and then we got into pairs for a little cleanse, tone and moisturise session. Using Ultrabalm or 9 to 5 we cleansed our partners faces and then follower with a toner water - I used the breath of fresh air and then a moisturiser .
I was so impressed with all of the products !

 Cleanse , tone and moisturise !

The food c/o The Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham. (@warehouse_cafe) They offer fresh, organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes at affordable prices. The food was amazing and the lemonade was lovely, the space girl lemonade was my favourite. I really like how the food looked aswell as tasted.

 me enjoying the food and lemonade 

 some gorgeous bloggers VanessaHattie , Natalie, Sara, Clare , Charlotte, Jess and Emma

  Making the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask 

 After watching the demonstration of how to make a fresh mask and then we got to have a little play with some of the other products like the face masks, I really liked the look of the dark angels mask.


Unknown said...

I'm genuinely shocked there's not a photo of me eating in this, good work :P

Mother Daughter Dairies said...

Talk about pale! Haha, had a great time

Unknown said...

Looks like a great night!

Laura Anne said...

I really want to go to a blogger event!! but.. 1. I'm to scared to go on my own, 2. I need to get invited to one haha x so nice you've taken so many photos so everyone can see the experience :) xx