Help me spend my clubcard vouchers

So everyone must know about the tesco clubcard exchange. Basically you spend money in tesco and collect clubcard points. Then they send you vouchers so 1000 points = £10 worth of vouchers :) then when the clubcard exchange comes about you swap your clubcard vouchers for tokens which are double the value of your vouchers £5 = £10 but you are limited to what departments you can spend these in, however you can pretty much buy what you like from the tesco clothing website (except watches and jewelery from other brands I think!) So this is where you help me out! I need to find something quick to spend my vouchers on because you have to exchange them before the 29th august and I go on holiday on the 23rd :)

comment below if you like any of my picks or send me your own at


Zoe said...

Ahh i did this with my vouchers too, bought a cardigan and saving the rest for some shoes! I really like the pink/blue jumper, ive seen it in store and have been quite tempted by it, id say go for that! x

Helen said...

I'm really loving the ombré-style jumpery top that you've shown here. And it will last into winter (oh my god - I sound like middle aged mother!)... Anyway I'm sure that anything you pick will be lovely!

Helen xxx