A lot of people neglect their gardens for various reasons. Some people just don’t have the time to take care of lots of different plants, while others just find it a waste of money to invest in their garden if they don’t spend much time in it. Regardless of what your reasons are, one of the best ways to motivate yourself to spend more time in the garden and care for it is to give it a purpose.

Finding a purpose for your garden can be difficult, especially if the amount of space you have is limited or restricted. That’s where a landscaping project can come in handy to inspire you. There are a lot of fantastic ideas on the internet, but it can be rather expensive, especially if you’re hiring a contractor to help you.

So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at a couple of reasons to try landscaping and also how to decide if it’s the right thing for you.

Is your garden space limited?

If you’re limited on how much garden space you have, then it’s probably a good idea to actually avoid landscaping unless you can flatten out a lot of ground. Landscaping is generally something that you should only consider when you have a lot of space because the idea is to personalize your garden with lots of unique plants and elevations.

However, a garden with limited space typically won’t have the freedom of modifying the layout. If you have a relatively small garden but still want to renovate and improve it, consider some budget garden updates instead to add some more comfort or a splash of colour.

Find a landscaper or do it yourself?

Landscapers are among some of the most expensive contractors you can hire due to the variety of different skills they have. It’s not just about mowing the lawn and planting some flowers–a landscaper needs to have a lot of knowledge in order to give you a beautiful backyard. This can include irrigation like settling up a sprinkler system, adding unique lights to highlight your garden regardless of the time, and also adding decking.

If you decide to carry out your garden projects yourself, then getting a bit of experience first never hurts. However, you’ll have to think about all of the responsibilities you have, such as purchasing screws for landscape projects, preparing borders, futureproofing and so on.

Do you have time to carry it out?

Sure, a garden project can be handled by a contractor you hire. You might think that most of the work is focused on the garden, giving you the freedom to do what you want at home while your contractor helps you landscape. However, there are times where you may need to give your contractor access to your home while you’re away. This can be put some people off and they’re not a fan of hiring someone to do a job, even if it is cheap.

If you do have plenty of time, then we can suggest making it even cheaper by doing your own landscaping. Start small with your own little projects, then work your way up and tackle more complex things when you have more experience.

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