If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that we've joined National Trust. It's only £6 each or £10 for a couple a month which I think is a bargain. Some of the National Trusts are up to £12 each and some are even more depending on where you go. You also get discounts into other local attractions.

We've had some wonderful days out. We only joined in January and have been to 5 National Trusts so far! It's such a fab day out, Amelia loves being able to run around the grounds and exploring the houses. It's nice to get outdoors and try some new places! They are so clean and have loads of walks and trails to choose from. The staff are all wonderful, so friendly and helpful. They have great facilities and the cafes do lovely cakes!

I'm so excited for it to warm up and for us to explore our local National Trusts. We are really lucky to have quite a few in the surrounding area. Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House are literally up the road.

If you are doing the 1000 hours outdoor challenge then you should really look at National Trust membership, it's just lovely being outdoors! Getting some fresh air and exercise and I love that Amelia is so comfortable and loves being outside and exploring. Kids are free up to 5 years old and the some of the sites have playgrounds and woodland play areas for the kids to get involved. They also have trails and activities for the kids to take part in and during the holidays they have even more fun going on.

They also have beaches and forests which you can visit using your National Trust membership which I'm looking forward to checking out!

Baddesley Clinton

Charlecote Park 

Hanbury Hall 

Packwood House 

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