Finding the right gift for your children’s friends can be tricky no matter how old they are. You don't want to gift a present they already have, won't like or cannot use. With children changing their interests quickly, you will definitely be kept on your toes when it comes to securing the perfect gift. Especially if you have a limited budget.
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So what are the best items to consider when it comes to buying the right gift for your children's friends? Because chances are if you ask your child what their friend likes, they will tell you to buy something they personally like themselves!

Accessories or Add-On Toys

If you are friendly with the child's parents, asking them what they currently have is a great place to start. This can give you a more in-depth idea of what they will enjoy. Do they have any collections they would like to build? Think Lego sets Dolls House Accessories or another collectable range. Having collections like this can be expensive to collect so taking the pressure off the parents will always be a welcome idea.


Books always go down well. There is such a great variety depending on the child's age and their interests you will never be stuck for ideas. Not big readers? Comic book series or activity books are a great alternative. As are books on random fact, pop culture or a fact-based book based on a specific interest!
The value in books for children of all ages is immeasurable and definitely worthy of consideration as a great birthday present.


Kids always need clothes for many different reasons. Pick them something fun with their favourite characters on or personalise it! Get their name or initials or even a picture of them on an item of clothing for something fun they will love to wear.
Or how about clothing they need for sports or hobbies? New football socks or gymnastic leotard would come in handy for both your child's friends and their parents.


A great way to keep kids entertained and away from technology is to give them something fun that will hold their attention. A board game that captures their imagination could do just that.
Whether you go traditional and look at dominoes, chess or draughts or you go for a more up to date game like Pie Face that has a shock element to it. For older kids, think Jenga, Monopoly or even Scrabble to keep the education aspect involved too.


W all like surprises and kids are no exception. If you can't think of one gift, then how about some smaller items all wrapped up as one gift. Like an unboxing! Pair it with edible treats, knick-knacks and other items. How about;
  • Hair accessories,
  • Jewellery,
  • Craft items,
  • Collectable trading cards
  • Plush toys,
  • Keyrings

They can be as expensive or even inexpensive as your budget allows to create a fun and unique gift. Simply add in a gift bag or box and you are ready to gift!

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