When we think of looking for our perfect place to settle down, it’s easy to fall into traditional thinking. We may wish for a nice white picket fence or a beautiful countryside home where we can raise our 2.5 children and enjoy the flow of community life. If that’s something you wish for, you should feel proud of that. There’s nothing nobler than finding your little slice of the world and doing your best to raise a loving family there.

However, it’s also important to recognize that this isn’t for everyone. It might not be for you. You needn’t have to feel guilty about that either. We all have our tastes and needs, and over time the ability to find what truly matters to you becomes clearer and a little more interesting to pursue.

But how can you find the perfect home for you, and what criteria should you measure your options by in the first place? These are worthwhile questions to ask. We believe that the following advice should help you answer them:

The Day Ahead

Considering each day as an individual unit can help you think of what life you may wish to live, and from there, what home is most important to you. Do you wish to wake up in the morning with a seafront view as you sip on your coffee, or are you more of an urban-focused individual? What commute are you happy to take, or what schooling experience do you hope your children will have? The more you answer these questions, the more you will perfect your day ahead, each day, and this will construct the life you want.

What Makes You Happy?

It’s a simple question - what makes you happy? This is a more principled and profound question than the matters that may make up every day. Do you NEED to focus on your art, and have studio space for that? Is family and good community all you have ever wished for? Are you a car nut, in need of your own space to conduct repairs and classic car restorations, as well as being close enough to a famed track to test drive your work on open days? What makes you happy? It’s a question worth asking.

What Holds The Most Value?

What is it that holds the most value? Could it be that the perfect home for you is not that remote cabin, but a beautiful investment in a cottage, in a protected area? This No1 property guide house and land packages set of options could help you see just how much bang for your buck you could acquire if you search in highly-investable areas, ensuring your perfect home not only makes emotional and rational sense, but deep financial sense as well. Searching for value is not a nice addon, but could provide the backbone of your final decision-making process.

With this advice, we hope you will find the perfect home for you. You deserve it.

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