With summer underway I thought i'd share a few ways you can update your garden on a budget. We don't have a garden right now as we live in an apartment but we love to chill in our parents gardens. Sometimes it's nice to add a few little bits to your garden to spruce it up a little and bring it back to life after the cold winter months. I thought i'd find some affordable but effective ways to update your outdoor space. 

First up look at updating your garden furniture! This doesn't have to mean buying new, you could paint your existing furniture. A fresh lick of paint will make it look brand new, you can buy so many different colours of garden paint too! If you are in the market for a new garden set then why not look at building your own Pallet garden furniture. It's super simple and easy to do and so effective. Pop a few throws and cushions on and your good to go.. 

That brings me onto my next thing, Cushions! Cushions are a super easy and cheap way to add a pop of colour to your garden. You can get proper outdoor cushions but I find normal cushions are just as effective and cheaper too! Just remember to take them inside or pop them away incase it rains. 

Lighting is another super easy way to update your garden. These outdoor LED decking lights from lightsupplier.co.uk are fab. They can update drab decking in the flick of a switch and much cheaper than replacing all of your decking. 

I also think a few hanging lights around your patio area can brighten up a garden, especially on those warm summer nights when you spend more evenings outside. 

Colour! Adding pops of colour can be super easy but effective. Like I mentioned above using cushions, throws and other soft furnishings can really stand out. Try painting your plant pots or buy some new ornaments. These are really affordable ways to freshen up the garden this summer. 

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