If you find yourself planning a wedding in the spring, you know there are so many details to take into account. Spring is just around the corner, and it can be easy to get lost in all the details and feel like you're forgetting something. Here is a head to toe guide to planning your perfect spring wedding to help ease some of that stress and let you enjoy your wedding day and have you looking your best. 


Starting at the top, you will need to take care of your hair and pick the perfect wedding hairstyle. Will you be styling it yourself or having a professional handle it? Either way, you will need to do your research and know what you want. Take into consideration your hair length, thickness, and texture when picking a hairstyle. You will also want to think about hair accessories that you want to work into the styling. 


Choosing the neckline for your dress is a significant influence on how you will wear your hair and what accessories you will wear. More intricate necklines should be showcased with hair pulled up and minimal accessories. If you have a more simple neckline, then you should add a more prominent necklace or wear your hair down. Think about how you want to look overall when deciding on the neckline and necklace choice for your dress. 


Right around your waist, you will be holding your bouquet. What colors are you choosing to use in your wedding? Do they compliment your skin tone and coloring? Do they match your personality and the way you want your wedding to feel? Sage green, light blue, and dusty pink are all great colors to use in the spring. The bouquet will also showcase your hands. Make sure you take care of your cuticles and have your nails done to show off that ring! If you want more details around the waist, you can add detailing or belts to your wedding dress for some extra sparkle. 


The length of your dress is also essential. Most traditional dresses drop down to the floor with a train behind, but more trendy bridal dresses are playing with the length of the dress. If this is something you want to experiment, then try on different styles when you go to your dress appointment. Knee-length or tea-length are both excellent choices for a bride who wants to break from the mold. 


If you do decide to use a shorter hemline on your dress, then you have to dress up the shoes! Showing off your unique style with the shoes you pick is a great way to add some of your personality into the wedding. From glamorous heels, modest flats, or unique tennis shoes or cowboy boots, you can make a statement. Even if you go with a traditional hemline for your dress, you still need to think about the shoes you will wear. You will, of course, consider how the shoe looks, but you should think about comfort when choosing a shoe.

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