Everything we do is a part of our character. You may think that booking a flight to go on holiday is just the done-thing which everybody does, but actually, you’re seeing travel and holidays differently. The flight is the journey, and to those that want to just experience a destination, this really doesn’t matter how. It's the speed of travel that gets people booking flights, not necessarily the quality of them. People who go on road trips want to experience destinations too but they’re taking on a totally different attitude and mindset. They’re doing so off their own steam, their own control and really planting their feet on the ground. They want firsthand experiences on the way to destinations. Those that go on cruises enjoy the travel itself more than the actual destination. That again is a totally different way of looking at travelling and going on holiday; for one thing, your hotel is actually moving!

One for the road

Are you someone who wants to go on road trips more than any other way of travel? The reasons why road trips are still so popular despite trains, coaches, planes, boats, ships, and even limos is that you are in full control. Not to mention this kind of travel is very cheap in comparison and you get to go at your own pace. No doubt, you will become closer with the people who you take road trips with so friends might just become like family at the end of one such excursion. You pack light and travel without a care in the world, all that matters is the things you see and do, meet new people and experience different cultures for however long you want to. You can drive around your own country visiting every corner or leap around an entire continent. It's a very down to earth way of travelling.

Luxury and comfort

Titanic the movie gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to go on a cruise. The entire mode of transport is designed for luxury and comfort. You’re literally travelling thousands of miles in the same of a week and you’re eating Michelin quality restaurant food while 50 feet waves crash into the side of your vessel. Looking at the modern way of cruising on Bolsover cruise club holidays, you can see that the ships have changed since the time of the Titanic. Each passenger is given their own space and the quality of care and comfort is taken very seriously. They want you to enjoy the journey, be at one with the ocean and enter into a state of relaxation and calmness.

Fast and hard

If you just want speed, take to the skies. Aircrafts have become larger and larger as well as more powerful. However, they can still travel at around 550 mph which considering modern airliners can hold over 300 passengers is quite amazing. If you don’t mind turbulence and being packed in tightly, this is the fastest way to travel.

The destination of a holiday isn’t always the best thing. It merely gives us a reason to find a way in which we can make the journey a valued part of our experience. Some like the journey more than others, depending on what you want in terms of comfort or control.

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