When it comes to creating your dream house, there will always be that one room that you want to work on. Everyone will have a favourite. Some will always want a dream bedroom, others will want a living space that is perfect to relax in. But then there are those of us that just dream about having a gorgeous kitchen. After all, it is considered to be the heart of a home and it’s the one room that you will often be able to really spend a lot of time in. And, the best part is, when it comes to transforming a space, you will often find that you get to work wonders with the change that you make. Whether your kitchen is just a little outdated or you find that you need to completely renovate it, these are the steps to take to make it happen.


The first step in the process is working out what kind of style you want to go with. Do you have an image of your mind of how you want it to look? Do you want to go modern with stunning toughened glass splashbacks on show? Or maybe you want to go farmhouse chic with lots of wood? If you’re really not sure, it may help you to look through interiors magazines, go on different websites, and just really get a feel for the kind of styles you can choose from.

Colour Palette

From here, you’re then going to want to decide on the colours you will work with. When it comes to getting a stunning space, sticking to a few shades is the best way to make it look incredible. So don’t be tempted to just add in random colours as you go along. Decide upon the perfect colour scheme before you get started so that you can keep everything looking great.


To start thinking about the room itself, consider how you want the fittings to look. Because your kitchen sides are often the most statement of all aspects of the kitchen. Do you know what kind of counters you want? Do you want to invest here or would you rather spend a little more on your cabinets? Or both?

Extra Features

As you’re planning the space, you may want to consider the extra features you can add in. Maybe you want a pantry or to add a utility room to the side? Do you want to have an eating area so that you can enjoy breakfast in this space? Just make sure you’re working in all of the elements you need.

Finishing Touches

But then, you’re also going to want to think about the key finishing touches that will bring the space alive for you. If it will help, go back to the drawing board. Think about the design ideas you can use to really make your kitchen look great. Sometimes this will be nice things decorated on the sides and on the walls. Or maybe it will be spices and herbs and cooking equipment. Play around with different looks until you find a finish that you love.

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