The lounge is the only place in the home that you can entertain in a communal fashion while using giant floor beanbags to sprawl out on. Sure, you can entertain in the kitchen and the dining room, but there is no other room in the house that gives you that immediate sense of comfort and relaxation in the same way that the lounge does. The thing is, if your living room doesn’t have that atmosphere of ‘aaah’ when you walk in, how are you ever going to relax in it?

There are people out there that adore a minimal style. That’s minimal furniture, minimal colour and minimal - well - life. Updating your living room to have that open, relaxed and casual space vibe that you so desperately want, while at the same time making it look stylish and on trend is not a difficult job. All you need to do is decide what you want for you in your lounge space and then implement it. Yes, the choices can feel limitless, but really all it is about is discovery. Deciding on a colour theme and decor trend is just the fun part. If you really are stuck, though, the best thing that you could do is check out the five surprising ways that you could transform your lounge below.
Brown Wooden Center Table

Light It Up. Lighting is always a surprising choice for people to start with, because it’s usually something that is changed to set off the mood and tone of a room rather than where to start. Here’s the thing, though, you can use lighting to decide on colour. If you know how much light the room is getting, you can decide whether that red tone that you love will work on the walls or if it’s best to keep it as the colour that you use for your accessories. While you decide on whether the amount of natural light for your lounge is enough, work out what other light fixtures could work - lamps are an amazing addition to bringing in as much light as possible.
Upholstery Upgrades. The sofa and the armchairs may well be worn out and ready to be taken to the dump. The thing is, when budgets are stretched tight it’s always easier to make do and mend. Finding the right cushion foam for your sofa has never been easier than with and tutorial videos are now much easier with one of these YouTube tutorials. You can figure out how you can restuff your couch cushions and fix the fabric on the armchair with the click of a button.
Simple Swaps. Sometimes, changing the colour of the fabric on the armchairs that you’re upholstering can make a big difference. Even a simple swap of colour can liven up the entire lounge and you get the freedom to choose whether to cool it down or warm it up in a way that suits your tastes. If you want to go quite bold with your swap, change the furniture - oak bookcases for white wood, for example. The bigger the change in furniture the more dramatic the look.
Rearrange The Room. A lounge is supposed to look lived in but after a while, the way that it’s organised can be perceived as boring. Swap it around. A transformation is defined by being different, and you can make the entire room look different simply by changing the view you get from your favourite chair.
Floor It. The best thing about the changes you could make to your lounge is that all it takes is just one change to make a huge difference. For example, ripping up the carpets and putting down hardwood flooring and a thick, cosy rug can make the entire room look very modern and updated. And it works both ways: laying down a carpet in the right thickness and colour can make the room warm straight up and it’ll also do well for your energy bills.

Your lounge is supposed to be a place that you go to relax at the end of a very long day at work.  The home is the castle that is yours to do with what you want and if you are needing a change or desperate for something different, you can start with the room that you relax in the most. Make the changes that suit your budget as well as your taste. You also don’t have to change everything at once. Take your time and make your living room liveable and comfortable all at once.

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