Now that autumn is here, with the darker mornings, shorter days, and lower temperatures we all feel the need to cosy up within our homes.  With the days of picnics, lawn parties, and barbecues behind us we can look forward to log fires, cosy nights in with our favourite films, trick and treating and firework displays.

Home tends to become much more important to us, at this time of year, often because we spend more time in our home and treat it as a sanctuary to escape the dark cold nights.  Indeed, it’s this time of year that we most want to stay indoors, work from home, and spend the day in our pyjamas with a nice warm soup or cup of tea.

That said, if your house feels cold, in a stylistic sense, you might not feel the warmth cosiness you’re longing for.  The tips below are here to help you inject warmth into your interior this autumn, with a focus on new properties that tend to be rather neutral in their appearance; with sleek fittings such as blinds, slimline radiators and spotlights; because whilst the modern style found in new build properties can be very attractive, it can be also necessary to soften the interior in order to make it feel cosy.

One of the most effective ways to make a space feel more warm and cosy is to use layering, for instance, by layering blankets and cushions on top of otherwise cold furniture such as an IKEA chest of drawers.

We often overlook the importance of the colours of our walls and most modern apartments will come in a variety shades of white, beige or cream as this tends to look the most clean, light and spacious.  In fact, these colours work really well in terms of creating a warm atmosphere - but they need to be accessorised with warmer colours from items such as paintings, candles, fabrics and the like.

The effects of these injections of colour are subtle, yet significant, and they play a pretty large role in creating the ambience of a room.

Lighting is one of the most well known aspects of creating warmth.  The majority of modern properties come with spotlights that flood the room with light, which is perfect for the daytime, and when you’re working from home - but not so great when it comes to creating a cosy ambience.

There are some great ways to achieve a more cosy and warm vibe, however, which are also pretty cheap - for instance, fairy lights and candles.  The basic point is that you want to avoid bright light if your goal is to create a more relaxing and intimate environment; which is where items like Morrocan lamps or Salt Crystal lamps which both radiate a warm colourful glow but are not too bright come in.  In addition, you want to make use of candles as they create a much more relaxing ambience than any other light.

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