When you begin decorating any room of your house, it’s only towards the end when it gets really exciting. If you begin stripping back the wallpaper to reveal a whole host of plaster related problems, you may need to wait up to two weeks for any re-skim to dry. If you’re knocking down walls or making any structural alterations, it can seem like a lifetime before all of the dust and mess can clear, and you regain a useable space in which you can put your own mark on your decor. While you might be concerning yourself with the hue of your walls, the pattern of your wallpaper and the artwork that you want to put up, you shouldn’t neglect what it underfoot. The flooring in your humble abode can make or break the aesthetics of your pad. Take a look at how you can master the floors of attraction.


If you are blessed with a home full of charming period features, you may lift up a carpet to be greeted by stunning floorboards. Don’t worry if they aren’t in the best condition. Many floorboards, especially those pre-war were incredibly well made. You can replace full boards, so long as there isn’t any rot or worm infesting your foundations, and stain and varnish them, to add a touch of elegance and class to your rooms.

If the wide expanse of wood underneath your feet is a tad overwhelming, you could choose one of the many modern rugs for your living room to create a perfect juxtaposition between the old and the new. A rug can give your feet something a little more luxurious to enjoy, and you can experiment with adding a splash of colour and pattern to your floor space.


Lino isn’t the best floor surface for your living room interior. However, for bathrooms and kitchens, lino has been the go-to flooring for decades because of its resilience and simple wipe clean design. In the twenty first century, lino has become more advanced. The thicker and better quality stuff means that it is virtually indestructible. It is ridiculously cheap to buy and won’t need replacing for a good few years. You could choose a traditional geometric pattern, a monochrome check design or even go for some mock floorboard or tiles.


Nothing beats carpet for a room that you want to ooze cosiness. Shag pile varieties and luxury plaids, combined with a thick underlay, can create a beautiful cushioned feel underfoot. With a carpet, you won’t ever have to worry about tentatively stepping on a sub-zero temperature tile on a cold winter morning. Your carpet will insulate and retain the optimum level of heat.


If lino isn’t your thing, you might be keen to explore the world of tiles. For your kitchen, traditional red brick quarry or slate might be your go-to statement of choice. For your bathroom, you might prefer a less porous type of tile. Either way, these can look more elegant and ooze quality.

By investing a little more thought into your flooring when you come to experiment with home decor, you can master the floors of attraction.

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